Ok, why us? A few reasons why you should work with us.
  • Professional services

    We carry out our work based on many years of experience and knowledge of the latest trends

  • Fast turnaround time

    Our biggest advantage is undertaking relatively small orders that are not interested in large companies. We are and we do it quickly and professionally.

  • Reasonable prices

    We are a family company and all works are carried out by the owners. We do not have a large organizational structure. Hence, reasonable prices for services provided.

  • Guarantee of quality

    Our clients pay not for the service but for the satisfaction after its implementation.

Who we are

  • A company that performs drainage works and sells the materials for the weaving industry
  • What is Faszyna –What is Faszyna – related thin wicker branches or other trees or shrubs. Currently used mainly for the regulation of watercourses and other water works, in order to strengthen the banks. In the past, the façade was used to build roads as part of the foundation and construction of field fortifications at fortification works
  • All work and material is in line with industry standards BN EN
  • The material comes from our own crops and the forests of the Notteska Forest – entirely ecological
  • We issue CE declarations of conformity

They trusted us

Work with us

Work with us

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